Benefits of glass bongs

4 Advantages of Smoking out of a Glass Bong

If you like smoking, there are many ways you can smoke. Hand pipes, blunt, joints, and bongs are just some of the few ways you can use when smoking. Each one of these options has its own merits and demerits. However, most smokers they love using the bong because it has the best advantages over the other forms of smoking. If you have decided to go for a glass bong, make sure that you understand how it works before you decide to purchase it. The key secret to these bongs is that their functionality is based on their design features. Below are the benefits of using a glass bong.

1. Easy to clean

Easy to cleanIf you are looking for a bong that you can easily clean after use, then a glass bong is one of the best options you are recommended to consider. Once you have purchased your glass bong, be assured that you will not face any challenge when it comes to cleaning. After you have used your bong, it is very easier to see the resin as they build up. Once you see this on the walls of your glass, then you will know that your bong is getting dirty and you will clean it immediately.

2. Bongs are reusable

When you are buying your glass bong, it is important to note that they are reusable. This, therefore, means that you will be using them for a long period. But if you prefer choosing the blunts and joints, then be prepared to spend more because you will have to buy more. Therefore, if you do not feel like running to the store every time you feel like smoking, then consider choosing a glass bong.

3. Bongs give big hits

If you like smoking, then this is the best option you have. When you are using a cheap glass bongs to smoke, it is likely to give you the best hit compared when you are smoking using other options of smoking. But if you are a beginner, a bong may be overwhelming. But then it is advisable not to fill the bong with the smoke. It will be comfortable to use a bong just for smaller hits.

4. Bongs provide water filtration.

Bongs provide water filtrationThis is another reason why most smokers have shifted to glass bongs. The water filtration is going to help you in many ways. First, it will cool down your smoke. Also, at times your throat may get irritated from the heat of the smoke. It is advisable to use a bong because it will just act as a remedy.