How to Enhance Your Beverage Business in 2018

If you are in the business of selling beverages like bottled water, packed fresh juices or any other, then you need to up your game this year. Apart from having still competition from the competitors, clients want something unique and one that will give value for money.

Most companies that sell bottled water have various markets they can target like corporate functions, wedding events and many more. However, these clients do not want just any product but something unique. For any person in such a business, the tips below will help you enhance the business for more clients.

Customize the Bottled Water


This is the trending bottled water idea for those providing the same for events and organizations like hotels. Every couple wants the water provided during their wedding to have their names and photo printed on the bottle label. Corporate firms and hotels usually contract reputable companies to provide custom labeled bottled water for their events.

Apart from that why not make some bottles look feminine and others masculine. Even when supplied to departmental stores and supermarkets, the clients will love to buy the water. Teenagers and kids will always go for the brand that gives them a gender recognition.

Source for More Clients

It does not matter which beverage you sell but having one more client matters a lot. Most beverage selling businesses have collapsed because they do not have clients to serve. Having a more aggressive marketing team crucial since they will always go out to look for clients.

Together with the management, they need to come up with working strategies to reach out the potential customers. The good thing is that 2018 is loaded with different marketing channels like websites, broadcast and print media. When it comes to digital marketing, social media plays a big role in brand reputation building and getting feedback from the clients. Others include email marketing and enhancing the SEO of your website.

Improve the Brand Quality

Whether it is water or juice that you produce, you need to make it superior. Most people judge the bottled water and other beverages by how they taste. The standards of quality must be high so that you do not lose customers with time.

The most significant fear should be when people start spreading a word on the Internet that your products are of low quality. Some of the giant beverage production companies have made it because people trust their products. Apart from telling clients that you are the best, let them feel that indeed you are the best.

Grow Your Company

As you win trust from clients, enhance the product and get more customers, you need to open new branches and increase the production rate to meet the demand. If people are rarely getting the product when you need it, then your business is bound to lose. Those companies that grow fast do so when they meet the demand coming to them. It is high time that you buy the new machines and employ more personnel.

With the above tips, your beverage company will go far and soon become a known giant in the industry without much hassle.

improper care in nursing home

Facts about Poor Hygiene in Nursing Homes

Poor nursing home hygiene is usually a serious problem. This is because germs can be spread easily to the residents. In such a setting, the immune system of patients can be compromised. You should note that advanced age of elder patients makes it difficult for them to repel germs.

Recent studies have shown that most medical complications and infections that are suffered by patients in nursing homes are because of improper hygiene. In fact, improper care in a nursing home may also result in the transfer of germs from one person to another. In most cases, hygiene deficiencies are related to understaffing of a nursing facility.

Poor Nursing Home Hygiene

nursing home careThis is likely to have an ill effect on the residents, particularly when staff neglects their hygiene. As you probably know, most nursing home patients require assistance with various tasks such as going to the bathroom, changing clothes, changing diapers, changing bandages, and other similar tasks. If staff members leave patients with dirty clothing or fail to bathe them, this may result in poor hygiene.

Unclean Nursing Home Centers

In this case, the physical condition of a nursing home is lacking. Shower areas and bathrooms are not sanitized on a routine basis. This creates a conducive area where illnesses and germs spread among residents. Sometimes areas, where food is made, eaten, and served, are not cleaned probably. This may result in the spread of germs and illnesses. Chairs, tables, and other surfaces, which undergo routine human contact ought to be cleaned on a routine basis to avoid passing of germs among the residents.


nursing homes are understaffedRecent studies have revealed a link between poor hygiene in the nursing homes and understaffing. If staff members work under pressure without adequate help, then they can even forget to wash their hands using detergents on a routine basis. On the other hand, they may feel to be very busy or simply forget hygiene tasks because of the unaccomplished tasks. In this way, they may end up spread germs to the patients.


Nowadays, a lot of lawsuits are filed against nursing homes with the assistance of a professional improper care attorney. If your loved one suffers or is injured because of improper hygiene, a lawsuit is the next logical step. This may result in awarding of compensation to the family and loved ones. In most cases, lawsuits are based on neglect claims and poor hygiene is one of them.

Benefits of glass bongs

4 Advantages of Smoking out of a Glass Bong

If you like smoking, there are many ways you can smoke. Hand pipes, blunt, joints, and bongs are just some of the few ways you can use when smoking. Each one of these options has its own merits and demerits. However, most smokers they love using the bong because it has the best advantages over the other forms of smoking. If you have decided to go for a glass bong, make sure that you understand how it works before you decide to purchase it. The key secret to these bongs is that their functionality is based on their design features. Below are the benefits of using a glass bong.

1. Easy to clean

Easy to cleanIf you are looking for a bong that you can easily clean after use, then a glass bong is one of the best options you are recommended to consider. Once you have purchased your glass bong, be assured that you will not face any challenge when it comes to cleaning. After you have used your bong, it is very easier to see the resin as they build up. Once you see this on the walls of your glass, then you will know that your bong is getting dirty and you will clean it immediately.

2. Bongs are reusable

When you are buying your glass bong, it is important to note that they are reusable. This, therefore, means that you will be using them for a long period. But if you prefer choosing the blunts and joints, then be prepared to spend more because you will have to buy more. Therefore, if you do not feel like running to the store every time you feel like smoking, then consider choosing a glass bong.

3. Bongs give big hits

If you like smoking, then this is the best option you have. When you are using a Cheap Glass bongs to smoke, it is likely to give you the best hit compared when you are smoking using other options of smoking. But if you are a beginner, a bong may be overwhelming. But then it is advisable not to fill the bong with the smoke. It will be comfortable to use a bong just for smaller hits.

4. Bongs provide water filtration.

Bongs provide water filtrationThis is another reason why most smokers have shifted to glass bongs. The water filtration is going to help you in many ways. First, it will cool down your smoke. Also, at times your throat may get irritated from the heat of the smoke. It is advisable to use a bong because it will just act as a remedy.


How to maintain healthy skin

Having healthy skin is everyone’s desire. Not only does it ensure that the rest of your body is protected from pathogens and other infectious agents but also enhances your beauty. There are many things, which you need to do on a routine basis to ensure that you maintain your skin in a healthy condition. Some of the top ones are highlighted below.

Tips for maintain skin in healthy condition

Wash your skin

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You need to ensure that you wash your sin on a regular basis, but not too often. While washing the skin, use warm water and a soft scrub to get rid of dirt and dead skin, making your skin look smooth and radiant. Washing too often will deplete the natural skin oils and good bacteria, which are important in preventing infections and contaminants from entering the body. When using hot water to shower, make sure that you spend as little time as possible in the shower. This is because hot water strips down the essential natural oils from the skin and can cause eczema, rosacea, and some other related conditions.


Engaging in physical activities on a regular basis will have a great impact to your skin. Regular exercising improves circulation, which in turn increases the flow of essential nutrients to the skin. It also helps to remove dirt from the surface of the skin via the sweating process. All this will result in healthier looking skin and slow down the skin aging process as well.

Eat fruits and vegetables

34q434dgfrdcfgYou should consume vegetables and fruits as often as you can. This is because they contain the nutrients and minerals that are essential for good skin health, including vitamin A and C. Vitamins C, in particular, will boost elastin and collagen to prevent sagging and wrinkles while vitamin A prevents dryness to keep the skin radiant. Choose vegetables that are dark, leafy, and green and fruits that have bright colors, as they contain the highest mineral and nutrient quantities. They also have antioxidants, which directly improves the skin condition. Remember to drink plenty of water as well to keep your body and skin hydrated at all times.

Use high-quality skin care products

There are many skin care products in the market, which you can use to help improve the condition of your skin. The products come in handy to those who have various skin conditions, as they can work as treatment to the conditions. Moisturizing cream, for example, will help solve the problem of dryness and flaking of the skin.


Home improvement tips

Home improvement projects are meant to personalize the home in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. There are many things that you can do as part of the improvement project, most of which will be based on your personal tastes and preferences. Below are a few tips and ideas, which are meant to help you with the home improvement project.

Home improvement tips and ideas


Home improvement projects can be quite expensive. One of the reasons for this is mistakes done during the project. For example, you might paint your house then decide to change the plumbing afterward. This will interfere with the paintwork already done, which means that you will have to paint again. Making a plan before you begin the project will help you avoid such mistakes. The plan will be your guide, and following it will ensure that you do everything the right way. Make sure that you factor in every aspect of the project while making the plan and go over it many times to confirm that it does not have any mistakes. You can also get a professional to help you with it.

Prioritize improvements that add value to the home

Some home improvements will increase the value of your home more than others would. Experts recommend that you always prioritize the improvements that add the highest value to the home. You should think of your home as an investment and choose the improvements that will give good returns on investment. An exception to this would be for the projects that are bound by time. For example, changing the insulation and air conditioning for the home may be prioritized if winter is fast approaching.

Hire experts

You might be tempted to do almost everything on your own in a bid to save the money that you would otherwise use to hire experts. This is not always a good idea unless you are sure you can deliver impressive results. Hiring experts will guarantee that the project will be done to professional standards. However, you must be careful when choosing the experts to hire. The more competent the experts will be, the better the results you will get. You can get recommendations from colleagues and friends but ensure that you find out more about the contractor before signing any deal. It will also be a good idea to strike a guarantee or insurance deal with them.